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 With an avalanche of . . . breach notification laws on the horizon,you have no choice but to implement an incident management program. If you don't have an incident management program . . . it's imperative that you do so immediately.  

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Are you prepared for a breach?

Prepare: Improve Organizational Readiness

Assess: Identify & Evaluate Incidents

Manage: Contain, Eradicate and Recover

Incident Response Management

  • Invite team members
  • Fine-tune response policies and procedures
  • Run simulations (firedrills / table tops)
  • Engage appropriate team members
  • Evaluate precursors and indicators
  • Track incidents, maintain logbook
  • Automatically prioritize activities based on criticality
  • Generate real-time IR plan
  • Coordinate team response
  • Choose appropriate containment strategy
  • Isolate and remediate cause

Mitigate: Document Results & Improve Performance

Headquartered in Cambridge, MA, Co3 Systems is making the market for Incident Response Management Systems - collaboration software that brings people, process, and technology together to prepare, assess, manage, and mitigate security and privacy incidents. Co3 is led by a proven team of security entrepreneurs including security legend, Bruce Schneier (CTO). In a short period of time, Co3 has emerged as the gold standard for how organizations, from Fortune 500 companies to small organizations, handle incident response - in one-tenth of the time.

  • Generate reports for management, auditors, and authorities
  • Conduct post-mortem
  • Update SOPs
  • Evaluate historical performance
  • Educate the organization
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