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The inspiration for Co3 came from years of experience at a leading financial services provider. The proliferation of data loss events and mounting regulatory requirements had rendered a manual and cumbersome response process – including spreadsheets shared via e-mail – ineffective. As a result, data loss events were consuming a huge amount of time across multiple parts of the organization, driving enormous expense in professional fees, and placing the company at risk for substantial fines and uncontained brand damage.

 With an avalanche of . . . breach notification laws on the horizon,you have no choice but to implement an incident management program. If you don't have an incident management program . . . it's imperative that you do so immediately.  

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Are you prepared for a data breach?

Know Your Legal Obligations
Navigating the maze of federal, state, and industry privacy regulations can be incredibly complicated, even for a highly experienced team.

Develop Incident Response Plans
With Co3, organizations can produce incident response plans in minutes, with rich deals such as links to the language that triggered a requirement supporting info to fulfill these requirements.

Reduce Risk and Cost
Mitigate the financial and reputational loss revolving around the security incident.

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